Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chilly Seoul: ten ways to stay stylish in the big freeze

'Tis the season for snuggling by a crackling fire, watching Audrey Hepburn charm George Peppard, with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. The temperature has plummeted and we are now amid the perpetual winter months. I am not fond of winter. I resent leaving my cosy abode to venture out into the cold wind and snow. Yet, it is not all bad. Winter clothes can be chic, classic and fun. In summer, we are restricted to wearing one or two pieces, a summer dress with sandals or shorts and a blouse. But, in Winter, it is a chance to experiment, to layer up, to invest in timeless winter coats. Freezing temperatures are an excuse to buy new knitted scarves, leather gloves and practical but lovely boots. Yet, it is difficult to stay warm without looking bulky. It is even more difficult to look stylish but stay practical. When I must leave my apartment, here is what I'll be wearing to be stylish and warm (hopefully, I wont get caught in any blizzards though).

1) A cable knit jumper
Cable knit jumper are chic and easy to wear. I wear my cream Arran knit over dresses and with skinny jeans and lots of necklaces.

2) Brogue boots (with good soles)
Invest in good, flat boots. Biker boots, Chelsea boots and brogue boots are all stylish and can easily be incorporated into you wardrobe.

3) Uniqlo heat tech
Last Winter, Uniqlo launched HeatTech, a range of thermal leggings, tops and underwear designed to turn moisture from your body into heat. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable and thin, so it moulds perfectly to your body. The line comes in a range of colours and designs.

4) Shearling
Lining aviator jackets, boots, hats and gloves, shearling has moved from the shining glare of the catwalks to the wintry high street. Since Burberry launched its aviator jacket in February, shearling has become the most successful winter trend this season. Yes, I know this means everybody is buying it but it is cosy and practical. So be a fashion victim and embrace this trend, you definitely won't complain.

5) Ear muffs
Ear muffs are a great, fun alternative to hats. I do find it slightly disconcerting that you can't hear that well when you put them on. Just make sure your phone is on it's highest volume and you look twice before you cross the road.

6) Over the knee socks
Peeking out of boots or worn over leggings and tights, over the knee socks are an interesting way to layer your bottom half and keep your legs warm. I've spotted some great cable knit ones in Myeong dong.

7) Faux fur
The glamour and lux of faux fur looks stylish and carefree when contrasted against a casual outfit. I wear my faux fur coat with skinny jeans and flat boots. Faux fur trapper hats with ear flaps seem to be very popular this winter too.

8) A Camel Wool coat
It is a classic, sophisticated option for winter outerwear and more importantly, it is an option with endurance, one that will withstand the fickle nature of fashion from season to season. The coat above is from Uniqlo.

9) Mittens
Mittens are slightly annoying and useless really when you try to get money out of your purse or answer your phone. Frankly, you can't do anything involving the use of your fingers but they are cute, girly and youthful.

10) And finally, it is the season for a.....Christmas Jumper. Reindeers, snowflakes, even Santa......go to a vintage shop and buy the most hideous, bright, funny jumper you can find! Preferably from the 80s too!

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