Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashion and Drama in The City

How do you feel about reality TV? Personally, I'm not a fan. In the UK, mainstream channels, trying to gain mass audiences, became saturated with documentary style programming. So, reality TV is relatively cheap to make. There is no need to pay actors, no elaborate sets, no talented writers. So, employing ordinary people and D-list celebrities makes for very cheap television. The lack of quality is obvious.

At various times, in my film and television degree, I spent hours studying reality television such as Big Brother, finding them boring and manipulative. Of course, these programmes are not very real at all. Reality TV makes a claim to realism through the way they are shot. Reality TV is similar to observational documentary, more commonly known as 'fly on the wall' documentary. However, what we see is a highly constructed piece of television, where events are carefully edited to create drama and conflict amongst more mundane events.

Reality TV attracts a great amount of publicity and media attention and so, they are lucrative for mainstream channels. Now, with the axing of Big Brother, music talent contests are the most popular format. Trying to gain as much work experience as possible, I worked at the audition process for a music talent show and witnessed first hand how manipulative the process is. I am tone deaf and people, worse than me, were put through to the next round of auditions only because they were entertaining/crazy on camera.

However, there is a huge but to my rant about reality TV. I adore The City, a reality show based on the life of Whitney Port, who is trying to become a fashion designer in New York city. The show follows Whitney and her friend Roxy who work at Peoples Revolution and Whitney's frenemy Olivia who works at Elle magazine. The show focuses on their relationship drama and fashion drama as Whitney launches her first collection, Whitney Eve. The production values are higher than most reality television. The shots of New York are glossy and exciting.

The City is a great source of inspiration. Whitney wears cute dresses and shorts in bright, often clashing patterns. Olivia chooses classic shapes and colours. Her outfits stand out because of her accessories.

Lets take a look at Whitney first....

Whitney looks great in clashing prints. The clashing stripes and leopard print works because of the similarity in colour.

Whitney's jumpsuit is ladylike and charming with clever, flattering draping. The pink hue is perfect for the summer and the print is cute.

Another adorable print, this time paisley. The high hemline is balanced by the long sleeves.

And now Olivia....

Olivia takes a very simple, silk dress and revamps it with neon lined platforms, a tough, studded clutch and a petal inspired cover up.

Very smart and sophisticated wearing Tibi. Her Mulberry bag is lovely as is her leather skirt.

Olivia's topshop gray shoe boots compliment her metallic shiftdress.

So, I'm now sightly addicted to The City, its fashion and drama. Every time I watch it, I want to take off to New York and try to get a job at Peoples Revolution. Aaahh, if only I could. Season 1 and 2 are available to watch on MTV.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer Dreaming

Step into summer with this strapless, vintage inspired dress from Mango. It's beautiful, delicate pattern of roses is toughened by a studded belt. For a relaxed summer look, wear with espadrilles. These sandals are having a moment right now, worn by Alexa Chung and other celebs at Coachella music festival. For a more edgy look, wear this dress with heeled gladiator sandals. This dress retails at around 140,000 won. Mango can be found in Myeong-dong near Uniqlo. Now, all we need is sun.

Monday, April 26, 2010

To Get Started..Seoul in Pictures

Neon lights, millions of people, Hanguel, fashion, Kimchi, K-pop, palaces...welcome to Seoul. Before I came here, I knew very little about Korea apart from Korean's love for unusual seafood. I experienced this in a Korean restaurant in Glasgow where, much to my shock, I was served a baby octopus. This was not the most pleasant dining experience I've had although it provided much amusement for my friends. After being here for four months and managing to avoid strange seafood, I love living in a big, crazy Asian city where people dance until six o'clock in the morning and shops are open all night. So before I start writing about everything fashionable here and at home, here are a few pictures of Seoul just in case, like me four months ago, you don't know much about this country and city.


A Prettier Side of Seoul


Changdeokgung Palace

This is only a small introduction to Seoul, its beautiful, intricate palaces, bustling streets, neon lights and cafe culture. For an in depth guide to Seoul and its culture, is a favourite of mine. Soon, I will have more about fashion in Seoul and how its compares to the UK plus a little bit of my style and street style!